snowdrops flowering from the snow in spring
Day by day, row by row,
Like flowers, our love grows.
Seasons change and sparks may die,
But we push through to the other side.

Where things are serene, thoughts are fluffy and clean,
Only a special two can experience what I mean.
Two souls that are intertwined,
Just like a tall and healthy climbing vine.

Not all flowers make it past the storm,
Those are the one's who are very torn.
Torn between a life that they yearn to build,
And torn between a love they cannot give.

As one flower waits to grow with the other,
It turns around to ask its brother:
"Why do some flowers die through the seasons?,
Why can't we grow together just as God pleaded?"

The brother's response was long but right. 
"Sometimes our leaves cannot hold on as tight. 
As the wind roars and the flowers blow, 
Not all the flowers survive in each row.

Those who do have won the fight, 
and will grow together towards the light.
Only the brightest flowers can understand,
There is more to growth than what God planned. 

After the storm, will come the clear,
And those who remain standing will no longer live in fear.
They will have grown in unison tall and strong,
And be united together once and for all".

Day by day, love will grow,
Like snowdrops in fields of winter snow.



Welcome to The Daily Dash! I’m starting this blog for various reasons. The most important reason being that I’ve been wanting to for many years and have decided that there is no better time to start something than NOW!

I am trying to be more of that “If you want to do something then just do it” type of person. I am 21 years old and have just finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto. I have a deep passion for psychology and am excited to write about and discuss various topics related to wellness in this blog! I will use this space to write about my journey to bettering my mental health and hope to inspire you along the way!

I will be posting twice weekly so stay tuned for more and make sure to join in on the conversation!

~ Riya